Why a 'giant' leap into autograph collecting beats mainstream investments

According to new research by the Halifax, one of the UK's biggest mortgage lenders, property values rose by 187% over the last decade.

Meanwhile, shares saw an average rise of 18% over the last decade, while precious metals went up by 242%... Among those, gold went up 277%, silver 227% and platinum 230%.

Yet the Halifax's report only looks into mainstream investments. As a result, they've overlooked one of the most bankable assets of the last 10 years.

Autograph values have gone up by 335.9% on average over the past decade. To many, the thought of investing in signatures still seems like a pretty out-there concept...

Yet high net worth buyers across the world are increasingly turning to autographs as alternative assets.

Not only are autographs outperforming property, shares and precious metals... You may also be surprised at the niche which is currently dominating the markets.

Of all the celebrities' autographs which have risen in value over the past 10 years - among them The Beatles, Charlie Chaplin, Muhammad Ali and even King Henry VIII - one important figure from history has outperformed them all.

His place in history was marked by the words: "One small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind..."

It is, of course, none other than the first man on the Moon, Neil Armstrong, whose signature has risen by 900% over the past 10 years.

The Especially valuable are photographs signed by all three Apollo 11 crewmen, like the example pictured above which is currently for sale


In real terms, any collector who bought an Armstrong signature for £550 in the year 2000 could now have a £5,500 asset in their possession.

The value of that autograph in another 10 years is a very exciting prospect indeed - especially considering that the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11, which is sure to boost values even further, is less than 10 years away.

Today, Neil Armstrong is the world's most valuable living signature. Why? The answer lies in his decision to stop signing in the early-'90s...

In contrast to the second man on the Moon, Buzz Aldrin, Armstrong has usually shunned celebrity and the limelight.

Because Armstrong is the world's most valuable living signature, you may assume that his autograph is hard to come by.

However, because the space collectibles markets are only being explored by a savvy minority of investors, the opportunities to buy are more frequent than you might think.

The next big opportunity for collectors and investors will take place at Heritage Auction Galleries' Dallas Space sale next Wednesday (November 17).

From the collection of Apollo 11's Michael Collins, this signed Apollo 11 postcard is arguably a 'sure thing' investment in terms of the future value it can bring to its next owner


Among the sale's highlights is a postcard flown to the Moon and back with a commemorative 8¢ "Apollo 8" stamp affixed to the front. The piece has been signed by the whole Apollo 11 crew - including Armstrong.

Stamped beneath it is the text: "Delayed In Quarantine At/ Lunar Receiving Laboratory/ M.S.C. - Houston, Texas". The signed postcard is auctioning estimated at $25,000-$30,000.

Even better, the top space collectibles are often backed with impeccable provenance.

The envelope in Heritage's sale, for instance, is from the personal collection of Apollo 11's Command Module Pilot (ie the third guy - who didn't walk on the Moon) Michael Collins. It comes with a signed authentication certificate from Collins himself.

Heritage's auction also has plenty on offer for entry-investors: pieces which are valued at just three or four figure prices now, which could be dwarfed by their future values...

That's why, in our opinion, space collectibles are one of the best areas that you can invest your money in right now. For more information, here is one of the largest inventories of space memorabilia available on the markets.


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