A wide selection of clocks, wristwatches and pocket watches is to be sold later this year in New York City. These include both the state of the art pieces offered by Seiko and Patek Philippe and choice vintage examples.

So fine are they, in fact, that they are to be shown on a tour of Hong Kong, Shanghai, Los Angeles and New York

One of the pieces is actually being sold for charity: a Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk. Only six of these were made, specifically for a recent Russian space mission (Soyuz TMA-13). This one was worn by space tourist Richard Garriott. Its estimated price is $10,000-20,000.

The jewel in the crown for watch-lovers however will probably be a platinum Patek Philippe minute repeater which has been estimated at $400,000-600,000.

A minute repeater is a watch which gives an individual chime specifying the time down to the exact minute. Naturally this chime is only produced on request, otherwise no one in their right mind would buy one.

Minute repeaters are rarely sold on a large scale now as they have little practical advantage over a watch with an illuminated face - except for those with poor eyesight - but they remain a source of joy for watch enthusiasts.

The auction in September is likely to have a strong turnout. Collecting watches is an increasingly popular pastime. The footballer Ronaldo is a notable example of recent convert. 


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