A new museum of classic cars in St. Petersburg claiming to be "one of the largest and most comprehensive" in Europe is set to open to the public in early August.

Elvis' pink Cadillac and Boris Yeltsin's Mercedes were among the attractions unveiled for the media in Vyborg over the weekend.

The 6,000-square meter, two-story Vyborg Classic Car Museum is home to 150 rarities.

Almost 100 collectors joined forces to establish the automobile museum in Vyborg. It has taken the enthusiasts nearly 35 years to assemble the collection.

Most of the cars date back to what specialists refer to as "The Age of Detroit Baroque" (1954-1962); an era noted for extravagant, whimsical shapes and rich decorative elements.

Exhibits will include cars designed by the legendary U.S. innovator Harley Earl.

The owners are particularly proud of three cars that once belonged to Soviet Leader Leonid Brezhnev. They include a Citroen DC, once considered to be the most striking car of the 20th century.

A Lincoln Continental presented to the Soviet leader by Richard Nixon will also appear.

The museum is located at 65, Leningradskoye shosse, Vyborg. Opening hours: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Telephone: (812) 715-80-45. Tickets cost 150 rubles.

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