Sokol space suits float into Paris space memorabilia auction this month

Artcurial's Aeronautics auction is getting closer, and will be one of the events of the year for Space and Aviation collectors. We've already reported on two of the highlights for plane enthusiasts in the form of a Fouga Magister and Concorde parts, now it's time to turn our eyes out a little further.

Two highlights in the sale will doubtless be astronaut training suits for a man and a woman. Made from materials specific to space flight, they are suffering from significant wear.

Artcurial Sokol space suits male
Sokol space suit designed for a male

From the very first Soyuz flights, the Russian company NPP Zvezda had developed a material for the missions which were to be called Sokol, Falcon in Russian, which were first used in 1973.

Similar suits are still used today, but they do not allow to the wearer to perform spacewalks. The different variations of combinations are Sokol K, KR (designed to work with a life-support system generator which never flew), KM and KV.

The suit designed for a male is listed at €8,000-10,000, whilst the one for a female is expected to make €15,000-18,000.

Artcurial Sokol space suit female
Sokol space suit designed to fit a woman

Another highlight in the sale comes from the collection of French photographer Jacques Tiziou

For 40 years Tiziou was one of the greatest witnesses to space exploration. He is even the only French man to have his plate in the "Hall of Fame" of the Kennedy Space Center.

In this auction he is offering 200 lots for sale from his collection that tells the most intense moments of his life. Remarkable vintage models of rockets, satellites and shuttles are included in this collection, making the vision of the conquest of space even more accessible.

Apollo 16 Lunar module model
Apollo 16 Lunar module model

Perhaps the finest model is of the Apollo 16 lunar module. Made in metal and Bakelite, it bears the Grumman and NASA logos for 1969, and is expected to sell for €1,800-2,200.

Artcurial's auction takes place on January 29th in Paris.

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