Soaring $900,000 bid for a rare Socata TBM 700 vintage aircraft
The planes available at the start of the auction

The EAA auction at Airventure last weekend was a part of the show many were looking forward to, judging by the turnout. Just 240 chairs had been set out for bidders at the Jack Mark Hangar, and these were rapidly filled, leaving many standing.

"This is a great turnout," said Tom Poberezny, EAA chairman/president and convention chairman. Our goal is to provide new opportunities and activities to our members. We are committed to making this an annual event."

After a practice round with joke bids for a 'Dreamliner 787' which went up to $150m, the business began in earnest.

The lively audience stretched themselves to the greatest extent for a Cessna P337 with bids soaring up to an impressive $75,000, whilst a V-35B Bonanza brought an impressive bid of $117,500.

That was just the warm-up, however, with a Lake Amphibian DA-4-550 achieving $225,000, a Lancair/Columbia 300 reaching $150,000 and one man offering a startling $900,000 for a Socata TBM 700.

Glenn Barnhart, who sold his 1946 Stinson 108-1 quipped that the transaction left him having to walk home.

Collectors who would have chosen to fly home from the sale will be glad to know that they have not missed out entirely as those planes which have not sold are opening for bidding online shortly from now until August 26.

This looks like a good time to get involved too, many who came to the aviation auction purely as observers are already talking enthusiastically about returning as buyers next year. Competition seems to be hotting up, making vintage aircraft a plausible investment.


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