Robert McCall's Earth Orbit 98 reaches record price of $245,000

Robert McCall's spacescape Earth Orbit 98 has set a new world record for the artist at $245,000, selling at the top of Heritage Auctions' October 17-18 Illustration Art Signature Auction in New York.

McCall's work is found everywhere from NASA mission patches to the Pentagon

McCall (1919-2010) is best known for his space-themed art, having documented the history of the Space Race on behalf of NASA, as well as working on 2001: A Space Odyssey and Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

His work is found on NASA mission patches and US commemorative stamps, as well as murals in the National Air and Space Museum and the Pentagon.

Earth Orbit 98 is an ambitious spacescape created in 1977. It sold for an impressive $245,000.

An early space painter, Bonestell's work has influenced science fiction as well as real space missions

Space art proved popular in the sale, with Chesley Bonestell's Beginning of the World (The Earth is Born) selling for $197,000. Showing a primordial Earth, it was published in the December 8, 1952 edition of LIFE magazine, and was accompanied by a framed copy.

"This auction proves yet again that commercial art indeed carries status and value," said Todd Hignite, vice president of Heritage.

"Demand for work by the best artists in each category continues to climb in every genre."

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