Reunion poster signed by 25 Apollo astronauts goes up for sale

Space memorabilia collectors specialise in different areas of collecting. They may be particularly fascinated by the first moves of mankind to leave Earth's atmosphere and go into orbit, they might specialise in the disaster that wasn't, Apollo 13, or just aim to collect pieces from all 12 moonwalkers.

However, a particular piece of autographed memorabilia which has just come onto the market is likely to fascinate almost anyone interested in space exploration: an Apollo Reunion Poster multi-signed by 25 Apollo Astronauts.

This incredible piece has more Apollo Signatures on a single item than any other piece we've come across this year. Seventeen of the signatures were applied on July 16, 1986 at the Apollo Reunion in Washington DC.

Dave Scott, John Young, Ed Mitchell, Tom Stafford, Fred Haise, Jim McDivitt and Frank Borman were then added at later signings and events.

Multi signed Apollo poster
Multi-signed Apollo poster
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This makes the poster signed by the full crews of Apollo's 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15 and 17, including 11 Moonwalkers. The autographs are lined up as follows: Left column: Charles Conrad, Ron Evans, Stu Roosa, Dick Gordon, Charlie Duke, Michael Collins, Dave Scott, John Young and Fred Haise.

Middle column: Walt Cunningham, Jim Lovell, Buzz Aldrin, Don Eisele, Bill Anders, Jim McDivitt, Frank Borman and Tom Stafford.

Right column: Alan Bean, Jim Irwin, Al Worden, Rusty Schweickart, Alan Shepard, Gene Cernan, Jack Schmitt and Edgar Mitchell.

The poster is fixed to heavy stock card and measures 17 inches wide by 22 inches high. It is available for $9,995. Collectors may also be interested to know that an example of the autograph of the one moonwalker missing from the poster is also available.


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