Neil Armstrong spacesuit Kickstarter campaign reaches goal

The Smithsonian has successfully raised around $720,000 through a Kickstarter campaign to help preserve Neil Armstrong's Apollo 11 spacesuit.

The campaign will ensure that the suit can be preserved and placed on public display.

spacesuit Armstrong Apollo
Neil Armstrong's spacesuit needs important restoration

It has been stored in a climate controlled environment since it returned from the Moon, but is now showing signs of deterioration.

The Washington, DC museum explained: "You may be surprised to learn that spacesuits are among the most fragile artifacts in the Museum's collection.

"The Apollo suits were made to take astronauts to the Moon and back safely -- not to last hundreds of years in a museum."

The money from the campaign will be used to subtly repair damage and stabilise colours. It will also be 3D-scanned to allow visitors to view each of the suit's individual layers.

Pete Jakab, head of the air and space department, told the Atlantic magazine: "All objects are in a constant state of deterioration.

"All we can do is just try to slow it down. Nothing can be preserved forever."

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