Neil Armstrong scissors and comb offered with starting bid of $3,280

A pair of scissors and a comb used to cut Neil Armstrong's hair are offered at PFC Auctions with a starting bid of £2,000 ($3,279).

The sale is due to close on October 1.

Armstrong comb
Neil Armstrong's status as the first man to walk on the Moon ensures the value of his memorabilia continues to grow

The lot was at the centre of a bitter row between Armstrong and his former barber, Marx Sizemore. In 2005, it emerged that Sizemore had been selling strands of Armstrong's hair to memorabilia hunters.

Armstrong threatened to file legal action against Sizemore unless he donated the proceeds of the sales to charity. After the donation was made, Sizemore kept the scissors and comb before passing them on to a private collector.

Sizemore writes in a letter of provenance accompanying the lot: "This is to inform you that I have been the barber of record of Neil Armstrong since October 1999. I generally cut his hair once a month.

"This is the, Neil Armstrong, who was an astronaut for N.A.S.A. and the first man to walk on the moon. I do attest that the hair clippings submitted to you are his hairs that I cut from his head."

Personal memorabilia relating to Neil Armstrong is rare as he seldom appeared in public, preferring to live quietly following his return from the Moon.

This has led to strong growth in his market. His signature increased by 22.8% pa between 2000 and 2013.

The lot includes 25 strands of the astronaut's hair.

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