Neil Armstrong memorabilia - what you need to know

For some, it's the reason they buy.

For the majority it's a welcome by-product.

The strong year-on-year price growth at the very top end of the collectibles sector offers exciting opportunities for both seasoned investors, and collectors with an eye on enjoying financial rewards for their passion.

This is no better demonstrated than by the weekend's sad passing of Neil Armstrong.

We have been inundated with enquiries for his memorabilia.

·         From those who wish to invest in Armstrong's legacy.

·         From collectors who desire to commemorate one of mankind's greatest achievements, before values reach a far higher level.

And believe me, prices are set to soar.

According to the PFC40 Autograph Index, Armstrong's autograph rose in value by 24.17% pa between 2000 and 2011, such is his popularity among collectors.

His death will now bring a flood of new buyers into the Armstrong memorabilia market, not just in the short term, but over the months and years, as his insurmountable position as the first man on the Moon receives its true recognition.

But before you buy, you need to know the likely progression of the market.

The future of Neil Armstrong memorabilia investment

Apollo 11 autographs
You can still buy this Apollo 11 set of autographs today

Armstrong's case is somewhat unusual.

Normally with the passing of a major figure, their death sees the double impact of a sudden finite amount of their memorabilia, coupled with a surge in demand.

Yet Armstrong stopped signing autographs in 1994.

So the supply of his signature has remained at the same level for 18 years.

Does that make Armstrong's autograph less of an attractive investment proposition? Not at all. In fact, the short supply ensures that those items that do appear on the market are all the more scarce and valuable.

But what about the rumours that Armstrong kept around 330 signed insurance covers (designed to act as an insurance for his family in case he didn't return from the Moon) locked in a vault?

Are these now set to be released, in a last act of defiance against the memorabilia industry?

And won't this flood of "fresh" memorabilia devalue the Armstrong market?

Again, buyers don't have cause for worry.

Demand for Armstrong memorabilia will rise sufficiently to absorb any increase in supply, such is the world's fascination with the man.

I'm also expecting to see many owners of Neil Armstrong collectibles hold on to their items for the coming years, both for nostalgic reasons, and because they're aware of the profit potential further down the line.

This could result in a shortfall of Armstrong memorabilia reaching the market, pushing prices up further for those items that do appear.

Don't delay on this

Whether you're looking to buy as an investment, as a personal keepsake, or both, purchasing now rather than next year, next month or even next week, makes sound financial sense.

You can view our remaining Neil Armstrong collectibles here.

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Until next week,


Paul Fraser

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