Neil Armstrong autographed Apollo medallion rockets into online sale

A quick glance at the space autograph markets reveals that online bids will today close on a rare Apollo 11 medallion signed by none-other than Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon.

Armstrong remains the world's most valuable living signature. The former astronaut quit signing in the mid-1990s, so his autographs remain in finite supply. This, coupled with Armstrong's importance in history, saw his autograph rise in value by an average of 981.8% in the last 11 years.

The lot is for sale in an online auction being held in Los Angeles, California. And it doesn't just include Armstrong's autograph, but also a rare space-flown medallion from the Apollo 11 mission.

This remarkable California Bicenntennial Celebration medallion accompanied Armstrong to the moon on July 20, 1969. Armstrong later signed his initials on the tape which encloses the medal.


The rare space-flown medallion from Apollo 11 - signed by Armstrong

A xerographic copy of an authenticating letter from Armstrong is also included in the sale, so there is absolutely no doubt as to this signature's provenance.

Encased in a 19.25" x 15.25" frame and described as being in "fine condition" by the auctioneer, bids on this rare piece of space memorabilia had reached $4,979 at the time or writing. They close later today (January 31).

Given that Neil Armstrong's signed photographs can sell for anything up to £5,950 ($9,338), we wouldn't be surprised if bids on this rare medal continue to climb.

Growing values for the rarest space collectibles

More and more investors are beginning to see the benefits of 'space collectibles as assets'. In fact, many Institutional Funds have already been created in collectibles, which is putting pressure on the prices of the rarest space memorabilia items.

Alongside the sheer joy of ownership, growing values of space collectibles is another reason why we at Paul Fraser Collectibles have devoted ourselves to compiling one of the world's largest inventories of space and aviation memorabilia.

While, as mentioned above, rare Neil Armstrong autographs can sell for thousands-upon-thousands at auction, you don't need to be seriously wealthy to acquire your own authentic piece of Apollo 11 history.

We have this Neil Armstrong autograph on an historic copy of Life Magazine for sale at Paul Fraser Collectibles


Examples we have for sale at Paul Fraser Collectibles include a genuine strand of Neil Armstrong's hair. Hair collecting is a hobby which dates back to the Victorian age. You can own your own Armstrong hair for just £49.95 - click here to find out more.

Or, if you're in the market for a more 'traditional collectible', then how about owning one of the most iconic Neil Armstrong autographs presently available on the markets? Among the most prized items in Paul Fraser Collectibles' stock is Neil Armstrong's autograph on Life Magazine.

Armstrong's signature is inked on this complete special issue of Life magazine dated to July 4, 1969, entitled "Off to the Moon".

It is rare pieces like this which have seen Armstrong's very rare signature rise in value by 981.8% over the past 11 years. This historic copy of Life magazine signed by Neil Armstrong can be yours today.

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