Medallion from the first manned Apollo mission to sell

Heritage is holding a Space-themed auction next month. Whilst the guide prices have still not been released, and entries are still being added, some pieces are still exciting collectors.

From October 11-22, 1968, with crewmembers Walter M Schirra, Donn F Eisele, and Walter Cunningham on board, the first manned mission to test Apollo equipment took place.

It was also the first mission to bear a team of three astronauts into space.

Apollo 7 Silver Robbins Medal
Flown Apollo 7 Silver Robbins Medal

The medallion, in sterling silver, depicts the Apollo module circling the globe (which has the Roman numeral VII printed on it) along with the names of the three men. It was part of the collection of Apollo17 member Ron Evans, and he kept it in near excellent condition.

Heritage's sale takes place on April 21. Those unwilling to wait that long to buy Walter Schirra memorabilia should take a look at this signed photograph of the Mercury 7.


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Image: Heritage

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