It came from outer space... The $12,000 slice of acapulcoite meteorite

Acapulcoite meteorites bear their name for a straightforward reason: the first fall happened in 1976 in the environment of Acapulco, Mexico.

They are a type of 'primitive achondrite'. Chondrites are meteorites which contain chondrules - rocky grains which suggest that they were formed from rocky fragments joining together in space with little else happening to them.

Achondrites do not have these grains, and this suggests that something additional or different took place to form the meteorite. Achondrites include lunar or Martian rock blasted from the surface of those bodies by other meteorites, but that is not the source for all types.

Acapulcoite Meteorite achondrite
The Acapulcoite meteorite on sale (with 1cm cube)

Acapulcoites are not of planetary origin, but they are rare and very old meteorites which likely formed from chondrites through slow processes of melting etcetera.

Recently coming onto the market is a section of the largest acapulcoite ever found: Dhofar 125, which was 2.7kg when it was discovered in Oman.

It consisted of olivine, augite, low-Ca pyroxene, plagioclase, iron, nickel, troilite, chlorapatite and chromite.

The 127.2g slice is basically unshocked (S1) with olivine showing sharp extinction and few irregular fractures. Measuring roughly 100mm x 64mm x 6.7 mm in volume, it is priced at $12,000, and could make a fine investment.


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