Flying high... Aviation collectors mustn't miss antique propellers going up for sale

All but the most focussed collectors may have forgotten, but this week sees Gloucester auctioneers Dominic Winter's Collectors Sale: Aviation & Transport.

As we've mentioned one highlight is a signed postcard relating to Louis Bleriot. Bleriot of course was the man who completed the first flight across a large body of water in a heavier-than-air craft, when he crossed the English Channel.

However, the full catalogue has been published since then and there are many highlights on offer, including a section of 13 propeller lots. Some of the highlights of these include:

A fine laminated walnut two-blade propeller, with each blade having a brass cap on the tip, the leading edge pinned with scallop decorative brass protective strip and the boss stamped OCM No. 73 OCM over the date 20.6.927.

The propellers - first and second from the top in the order written here

Finished in deep green over perhaps red with white branding, the paint surface is now aged with crackle finish. Measuring 116 in (295 cm) in diameter, the piece is expected to sell for £1,800-2,200 ($3,500).

Better still is a rare and exceptional early 20th century laminated red walnut two-blade propeller, both blades stamped Paris, with 'Helice Deposse Maxima' within an oval reserve. One face of the boss is stamped N265 (twice) and B [possibly 'Bleriot'] on a small lead insert on one laminate.

Measuring 101.5 in (258 cm) in diameter, this propeller is expected to fly up to £3,000-4,000 (up to $6,500) in the sale, which takes place on May 18. Alternatively, collectors wishing to invest in a more spectacular piece of aviation history should look here.

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