Fly it to the Moon... Apollo 10 patch offers a sky-high investment in Florida

Space auctioneer Lunar Legacies has recently announced that it is to hold its seventh auction in just under two weeks' time.

Even now some of the details of the sale, including the estimates, are unclear. However, the auctioneer has previously sold some excellent entry-level collectibles, such as a Spacesuit EVA (Extra-Vehicular Activity) Arm Checklist from training from Apollo 11, signed by Buzz Aldrin.

The checklist was actually his fellow moonwalker Neil Armstrong's and this makes it a strong investment. A couple of the Apollo mission-related lots in this auction include:

Firstly, a set of five original Apollo Guidance, Navigation and Control manuals from MIT all dated from 1968 to 1970.  Three bear the revision number of R-567 while two have the number R-577.

Represented are 5 of the 6 Sections available including Digital Autopilot, Data Links, Operational Modes, Guidance Equations and Control Data.  The sixth section, or manual, is titled Prelaunch and I have never seen one.  

Flown Apollo 10 patch
Flown Apollo 10 patch

Also included is a revision manual for all booklets, so there are six total manuals in this lot.  Probably 1000 total pages are included and all six manuals are in good shape.

Secondly, a there is a vintage 4" Apollo 10 patch flown to the moon aboard the Command Module Charlie Brown and aboard the Lunar Module Snoopy during its descent and low orbit of the lunar surface.

This particular patch is of the second 'crew' patch variety in that it is the type worn on the post-flight jumpsuits by the crew, and is hard to find in any case.

The flown patch is signed on the back by Tom Stafford and Gene Cernan, the Apollo 10 Lunar Module astronauts, and comes with a signed COA from Commander Tom Stafford attesting to the fact that this patch was flown to the moon and has been in his collection since 1969. It is in excellent condition.

Lunar Legacies' auction takes place on February 19 in Florida and online.


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