Excitement builds for rare medallion flown on Apollo 11

Heritage Auctions is holding a Space sale in April.

Whilst items are still being consigned, already there are some interesting pieces listed, and none more so than a medallion flown with Apollo 11.

The medallion is from the personal collection of astronaut Ron Evans, who would later fly to the moon as Command Module Pilot for Apollo 17. But during the Apollo 11 mission he spent time as CapCom - the voice which spoke directly to the crew from Earth.

The silver medallion was one of 450 which flew with Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. However, it is much more unusual than that might suggest.

Apollo 11 Silver Medallion
Apollo 11 Silver Medallion

The obverse of the coin presents the familiar Apollo 11 image of an eagle landing on the moon carrying an olive branch, as designed by Michael Collins.

However, the image which appears was the original one created with the eagle carrying the olive branch in its beak. NASA decided that this left the eagle's talons looking threatening and aggressive, and they transferred the branch into the talons.

This collectible medallion is the only one of those flown known to carry the original design, making it even more collectible than the others.

Anyone looking for collectible space memorabilia who can't wait for Heritage's sale should look here.


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Image: Heritage Auctions 

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