Concorde chief pilot's collection comes to Chaucer Auctions

The collection of Concorde chief pilot Mike Bannister will sell at Chaucer Auctions on July 20, with one of the finest selections of Concorde memorabilia seen at auction.

concorde air intake
The air intake was instrumental in Concorde's ability to achieve Mach 2 for up to three hours

The star lot of the sale will be the air intake control panel, which is valued at £8,000-10,000 ($13,500-17,000).

Concorde's Rolls-Royce Olympus 593 engines could only take incoming air at around 500mph, thought it travelled at 1,350mph. As a result, air had to be slowed in the 11-foot air intake.

The control panel, used by the flight crew on the engineer's panel, was key to Concorde's ability to fly at Mach 2 for over three hours - no other aircraft has been able to match its consistent speed.

Adding to the appeal of items in the sale is that Bannister has offered to autograph any pieces should the buyer wish.

Also starring is the Pitot Probe from the nose of Concorde, also estimated at £8,000-10,000 ($13,500-17,000).

Read our interview with Concorde collector Simon Jones on what makes this a special collecting area.

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