Collectors can tell time the extra-terrestrial way at Heritage's auction

How many uses are there for a meteorite? They can be great alternative investments - after all, what could be more valued than an extra-terrestrial rock? Other than that... Well, you could perhaps use one as a paperweight.

Thankfully, a company called Starborn Creations, specialising in hand crafted jewellery, has found another use for these cosmic collectibles. And it's one that you can wear on your wrist and show-off for all to see...

A lady's meteorite watch

Three very unique lady's watches will be among the weird and wonderful lots in Heritage Auction Galleries' upcoming Natural History Internet Auction on October 17. Each has been fashioned from a small slice of Gibeon meteorite, sourced from Great Nama Land in Namibia, South Africa.

Gibeon meteorites are among the best-known and most popular collectible extra-terrestrial materials in the world. Aficionados will recognise straight away the characteristic Widmanstätten patterns on the watches' faces, caused when an iron meteorite is etched with nitric acid.

While the Widmanstätten patterns (named after an Austrian scientist) make each of the timepieces ideal as decorative pieces, the fine octahedrite rock in each watch is also complimented by a stainless steel case, brass hands and a brown leather strap. One piece also bears Roman numerals.

Actually, if you're a regular reader of Paul Fraser Collectibles then you'll known that meteorite watches are nothing new. Earlier this year, watchmaker Arnold & Sons released its limited edition True Moon Meteorite (although it doesn't specify which type of meteorite the timepiece is made from).

Each of the timepieces is crafted by Starborn Creations

Better still, Starborn Creations' timepieces aren't as expensive as you might think. Each of the watches are currently open to bids in Heritage's sale with estimates of $200-350 - perfect if you're looking for a collectible investment or gift that's out of this world.

Watch this space for more news on Heritage's Natural History Internet Auction.



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