Collectors can own a $20,000 piece of Apollo 11 at auction

Collectors will be spoilt for space memorabilia, with not one but two high-profile space collectibles sales scheduled to take place in April.

Heritage and Bonhams will each be flying the banner for space exploration artefacts, next month. Heritage's sale is scheduled for April 21.

We've already reported on the inclusion of a rare and one-of-its-kind Apollo 7 medallion, carried by astronaut Walter M Schirra and his crew for the first outer space test of Apollo's equipment in 1968.

Put simply, the mission undertaken by the brave crew of Apollo 7 made Apollo 11's first-ever landing on the lunar surface possible.

All the more appropriate, then, that an Apollo 11 Silver Robbins Medallion from the personal collection of the Apollo 11 support crew's Ron Evans will sell alongside the Apollo 7 medal at Heritage.

Evans would later fly to the Moon himself, aboard Apollo 17.

The medal is "flown" - meaning that it has been up in space - and is one of 450 taken aboard Apollo 11, crewed by Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins in their mission to the Moon.

The Apollo 11 Silver Robbins Medallion, estimated at $15,000-20,000

Measuring 28mm and made from silver sterling, the medal is estimated at $15,000-20,000. Absentee online bidding is also available, opening at $7,500.

The medal's obverse depicts the early and original concept for Apollo 11's insignia - which was designed by command module pilot Michael Collins.

According to Heritage, NASA thought the sharp, open talons of the eagle looked too "warlike" and the olive branch, representing peace, was moved to the claws.

This is could be the only major official item that renders the insignia as it was meant to be. It reverse has the dates of the mission, surnames of the crew, and the serial number.

According to Heritage, it is in extremely fine condition and will sell with a letter of authenticity from Jay Evans (Ron's brother), to whom it was gifted.

Collectors looking to find other desirable pieces of Moon Landing memorabilia can find a number of rare and one-of-a-kind collectibles here - including autographs by Neil Armstrong (one of the most valuable and sought-after in the world) and a unique piece - Buzz Aldrin's signed Apollo 11 training suit from his own personal collection.



Image: Heritage

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