Collapsed museum yields meteorites and other curiosities to auction

Gallery of Creation Museum created by Joseph Hurt Studio Inc came to a final close over the weekend as its assets were sold at auction.

Joseph Hurt Studio website explained that the goal of the Gallery of Creation was to "present examples of God's creation in such a beautiful manner that one is inspired to have a greater appreciation for God's handiwork and a greater love for our creator."

However, a number of the items were of great interest to collectors regardless of their religious views. A baby elephant's skull, a case of rare butterflies and beetles and two lots of large horse sculptures carved from jade were amongst the various lots.

The most interesting pieces for space collectors, however, would certainly have been three meteorites which went on offer. Whilst they proved to be some of the biggest sellers in the modest auction, they showed what can be picked up at an entry-level price.

Nantan iron Meteorite octahedrite
3.6kg piece of the Nantan octahedrite

All octahedrites, (a type of iron meteorite) the fragments were originally from the Canyon Diablo meteorite of Arizona, the Odessa meteorite of Texas and the Nantan meteorite of China.

Weighing in at just 872g, the Canyon Diablo meteorite sold for just $800. The more substantial, 5kg piece of space dust which landed in Odessa, is thought to have fallen from the sky 50,000 years ago - though no doubt that would be disputed by some of those present.

It brought $3,250, but was narrowly edged out for the top spot.

The more textured and attractive octahedrite from China, with a kind of 'ruffled' appearance, sparked some competitive bidding and left the stage for a creditable $3,500 despite weighing just 3,679g.


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