Catch a falling star... Rob Elliott brings more meteorites to auction

Lyon and Turnbull have made an announcement which will raise hairs on the necks of meteorite collectors everywhere: They've scheduled another sale of meteorites under the heading The Robert Elliott Meteorite Collection: Part II.

Elliott is one of the world's most renowned meteorite collectors. We profiled him and his collection last year, and it's roughly a year since a variety of his spacerocks were sold at the auction house before. At that event over 90% of the 171 lots found new owners.

Video advertising Lyon and Turnbull's previous Elliott sale

Not that the auction is to happen very shortly. Lyon and Turnbull are just beginning to take consignments for what should be a memorable sale with many investment-grade pieces.

Elliott began collecting in his mid-thirties, both through the markets and by finding examples himself. He has chased them all round the world, but has even managed to find two back at home in the UK - one of the worst places in the world to find meteorites as the environmental conditions are hostile.

Hambleton meteorite
Hambleton meteorite fragment

Elliott's greatest discovery, the Hambleton meteorite, was found when he was on a walk with his wife Irene in North Yorkshire in 2005. It is a beautiful example of a pallasite, the type of meteorite typically regarded as the most visually striking with gem-like olivine typically found in its metallic matrix.

The auction is scheduled to take place in Edinburgh, UK on August 16, with consignments accepted until June 17, 2011.


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