Can new Martian meteorite land $300,000 in important natural history auction?

The new discovery of a Martian meteorite sample is expected to reach astronomical prices in a sale of important natural history items early next month.

Tissant Meteorite
Meteorite from the Tissint Fall

Less than one tenth of one percent of all known meteorites are recorded as originating from Mars, making this superb example an extremely exciting find. In July 2011, several people in Morocco witnessed a bright green light in the sky, followed by two sonic booms. Not long after the local nomads discovered this fresh sample which, unlike others, has not been contaminated by Earth's soil, water or bacteria.

The first Martian meteorite fall to be observed since 1962, this was likely to be the only time an event of this magnitude will occur in our lifetime. Known as the "Tissint Fall", it is thought that less than 10kg of material fell to Earth with The Natural History Museum in London already holding a 1.1kg specimen.

This exceptionally rare item weighs in at 298 grams and measures 76 x 69 x 50 and is noted for its completeness. It features a beautiful fusion crust with tempting glimpses of the stone's interior made available by the stones impact with the Earth. As such, it will be offered at auction with a pre-sale estimate of $200,000 - $300,000.

Other highlights for space enthusiasts include a more affordable sample from the Tissint Fall weighing 12.9g. This considerably smaller piece has a pre-sale estimate of $10,000-12,000. Another beautiful example of a new Brazilian meteorite, with a cross-section showing the extraordinary inner structure is expected to make $2,500.

Enthusiasts should view our impressive collection of space collectibles, especially this Buzz Aldrin signed Apollo 11 training suit.

The US auction will also feature a fascinating range of stones, historical artefacts and fossils and will take place in Beverly Hills, CA on May 06, 2012.

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