Buzz Aldrin signed 'Earthrise' photo auctions for astronaut fund

Bidding has commenced in an auction of space memorabilia to benefit the Astronaut Scholarship Fund. Bids run from March 9-17, with sale highlights including a space suit worn by NASA astronaut John Blaha for his trip to the Russian MIR Space Station.

Also for sale are several autographs linked to a number of historically-important eras in the US space race.

Among them are signatures by the Mercury Seven, the seven original US astronauts, including moonwalker Alan Shepard (Apollo 14) and Wally Schirra, the first person to go into space three times (for projects Mercury, Gemini and Apollo).

More moonwalkers pop up in another lot in the sale, including on this multi-signed "Earthrise" canvas. The iconic and much-used image shows the Earth "rising" as seen from the Moon's surface. The 30" x 24" canvas boasts no less than 23 astronaut signatures.

Apollo 8's photograph of the Earth "rising", signed by 23 astronauts

The photograph was originally captured by the Apollo 8 crew, the first earthlings to witness the "Earthrise". The image is today one of the most widely-printed in history. It features on a US stamp, and is the perfect canvas for a group autograph.

John Blaha's autograph is scribed on the piece, alongside space exploration legends from the various Apollo missions including the second man on the Moon, Buzz Aldrin.

Moonwalkers Charlie Duke (Apollo 16), Ed Mitchell (Apollo 14), Jim Lovell (Apollo 13) have also signed the piece, along with the "space tourist" and gaming entrepreneur Richard Garriott.

There is big money in group-signed Apollo memorabilia pieces - one of many reasons why Paul Fraser Collectibles has devoted itself to compiling one of the world's biggest inventories of authentic and original space memorabilia.

In October 2011, a photograph signed by all 12 Moonwalkers sold for $27,000 (£16,860) at an auction in the US, eclipsing the PFC40 Autograph Index listing of £12,950 by 30.19%.

There are plenty of opportunities for you to acquire rare, coveted and valuable group-signed Apollo space memorabilia pieces - without having to go through the hassle of competing with other bidders at auction.

Pieces that we have for sale include this colour 10" x 8" photograph of Buzz Aldrin's footprint on the lunar surface. The photo is signed by a representative moonwalker from each of the six Apollo lunar-landing missions including Buzz Aldrin, Edgar Mitchell and Charlie Duke.

Billed as "a superb item in very fine condition," you can find out more about the rare group-autograph by following this link 

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