Buzz Aldrin autographs and space memorabilia are 'ones to watch' in 2012

As a collectibles niche, it was one of 2011's best performers: space memorabilia.

A number of World Record sales were achieved this year, including's recent auctioning of an Apollo 13 checklist for $388,375.

Meanwhile, Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11's first man on the Moon, is still the world's most valuable living signature. The average value of his autograph has gone up by 981.8% over the past 11 years.

Put simply: space collectibles are a hot market right now. So-called "baby boomer" investors are becoming more and more eager to acquire fresh-to-market items.

Even better, prices for many space collectibles are still fairly low - that is until more collectors get involved and values soar.

For instance, given that an Apollo 13 checklist sold for $388,375, how much would you expect a Buzz Aldrin autograph to sell for?

The signature in question is on a copy of his 2009 book, Magnificent Desolation, Aldrin's famous words used to describe the beautifully barren lunar surface.

We have it for sale priced at just £595. And that's not all: we also have this commemorative copy of Life magazine (dated to July 29, 1969) measuring 9" x 11".

The magazine, with the headline "To the Moon and Back", is packed with information about the Apollo 11 mission.  It features Buzz Aldrin's autograph in blue ink across the front cover. The price? Also just £595.

So, why are Aldrin's autographs so inexpensive compared to Armstrong's? Well, history loves "firsts" - the first man on the Moon, the first black US President and so on...

But it is also down to rarity. Neil Armstrong stopped signing autographs in the mid-1990s. Aldrin, meanwhile, is a prolific signer and has more readily embraced his public profile over the years.

It is for this reason that Aldrin will never overtake Armstrong as "the world's most valuable living signature." But the good news is you can find plenty of Aldrin bargains out there on the collectors' markets.

And that's not all. Buzz Aldrin's collectibles aren't limited to just autographs. High-end pieces we've handled - and presently have for sale - at Paul Fraser Collectibles include his training suit from the Apollo 11 mission.

It's an incredible piece of history whose appeal, and value, should grow even more in 2012.

For now, enjoy the rest of your Boxing and Christmas holiday, and check out our space memorabilia for sale to see what you should be buying in the New Year.

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