'Beautiful' rocket test tower lifts off at Lunar Legacies: space auction

We just have time for a final look at Lunar Legacies' space auction, which takes place tomorrow.

As we've reported previously, the sale will include a vintage 4" Apollo 10 patch flown to the moon aboard the Command Module Charlie Brown and aboard the Lunar Module Snoopy during its descent and low orbit of the lunar surface.

Also appearing will be a rare and collectible Gemini 12 patch, bearing the names of its two astronauts, Lovell and Aldrin. Buzz Aldrin went on to become the second man on the moon whilst James Lovell was the commander of Apollo 13, which was forced to make an emergency return to Earth after rupturing its oxygen tanks.

Two other lots are proving particularly interesting to bidders:

Firstly, a beautiful Saturn 1B first stage Static Test Tower model on a wooden base which measures 13.5"x 14.5". The model rises 13" in height and weighs almost 11 pounds. The Saturn 1B rockets are made of wood, while the rest of the model looks to be crafted from lightweight metal.

Saturn 1B Static Test Tower
Aiming for the stars: a Saturn 1B Static Test Tower

It is highly detailed all the way down to the man standing next to the doorway. There is a metal plaque stating that it was given on August 2, 1968 to the man who was the Manager of the Systems Static Test Branch, and was presented to him by the MSFC Test Laboratory. The plaque is loose and can be reattached if so desired. This might be a one-of-a-kind model.

STS-61E emblem patch
Earthbound still: an STS-61E emblem patch

Secondly, an original and rare 4" diameter STS-61E cancelled flight mission emblem patch - not a reproduction, but obtained from a former employee in the Astronaut Crew Quarters. STS-61E was cancelled after the Challenger accident, and these patches were only made in very limited quantities.

Both lots are investment-grade and could bring high prices in the auction which takes place in Florida and online.


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