Aviators duel in California: Wilbur Wright and the Red Baron appear for sale

Next month, Regency Superior is holding a sale of stamps and space & aviation memorabilia. The company has previously sold Concorde memorabilia and Alan Shepard's space suit.

Amongst the aviation memorabilia items, two stand out. One from a pioneer of flight, and the other from a German military hero.

First is a 1909 Wilbur Wright signed picture post card. This includes a hand-written note in black ink dated and signed 'Wilbur' on a picture post card addressed to Miss Mary Dawson, Rochester, Ind. The card is cancelled Dayton, Ohio Jun. 27, 1909.

Note reads: "6-27-09. You ought to have been here for the celebration, surely was fine. Best regards to you all Wilbur-". Card is taped to cardboard backing which we did not attempt to remove, picture on card not visible, but printed at bottom is the legend: "Military Band in Parade at Wright Bros. Home-Coming Celebration at Dayton, Ohio".

Since Wilbur Wright died of Typhoid in 1912, his autograph is far more rare than his brother Orville who lived until 1948. This is a highly desirable early aviation autograph, fine and scarce. The piece is listed at $3,000-4,000 which would make it a great investment.

cheque signed by the Wright Brothers is currently available.

Second is one of the rarest of all aviation and WW I military autographs on a 4"x1½" piece of off white paper. The 'Red Baron', von Richthofen is credited with 80 'kills' during WW I, the most of any ace for any country. He was shot down & killed on 21 April 1918 near Amiens.

A small picture of his plane in combat is included along with a Certificate of Authenticity from 'Fantasy Autographs'. It is estimated at $5,000-7,000 Regency Superior's auction which takes place on January 28, 2011 in California and online.


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