Autographs from high-flyers of all kinds come to auction

Matthew Bennett International has a series of major auctions based on stamps coming up, as we have reported, with the first including a pristine set of 1893 Columbian plate blocks.

However, that very same auction also includes pieces which branch out into other areas of collectibles:

Firstly, the section which begins the sale is of at least as much interest to those interested in US Presidential memorabilia as it is to philatelists.

It includes several covers used by Presidential and Vice-Presidents including one from the short-lived leadership of Zachary Taylor (1784-1850, Presidency 1849-50) and in particular one from Andrew Jackson.

Jackson's free-franked cover comes with a partial ALS (Autographed Letter Signed) with a bold signature and 'free' written in his own hand to his Postmaster General, Amos Kendall, a very influential member of Jackson's so-called "kitchen cabinet".

Part of the letter has been removed, but the conclusion remains and reads: "I would be happy to hear how your health is and that of your family. My whole household unites with me in best wishes for your health, happiness, & that of your family— and believe me your friend sincerely (signed) Andrew Jackson (to) Amos Kendall Esqr"

In very fine condition, it is listed at $2,000-3,000.

Charles Lindbergh flown Cover
Charles Lindbergh flown Cover

Of interest to aviation collectors will likewise be keen to get their hands on a cover by Charles Lindbergh on Apr 15, 1926 for the inaugural flight of Contract Air Mail route 2, between Chicago and St. Louis; the cover carried from Springfield, Illinois to St. Louis and back, via Springfield, to Chicago.

The back of the piece is nearly separated from the front, otherwise it is in very fine condition and is estimated at $750-1,000.

The most exciting lot, however for collectors of autographs and Americana in general will be a collection of autographs, documents and photographs from the late 18th century to the last half of the 20th for the Attorney Generals and Supreme Court members.

There are nearly 150 signed letters, covers and cards in the collection including Oliver Ellsworth, Morrison Waite (2), Melville Fuller (3), Harlan Stone, Fred Vinson and Earl Warren. Unmissable for a collector interested in American law and its history, the set is expected to achieve $15,000-20,000.

The auctioneer is based in Maryland, but online bidding is available for the sale.


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