Autographed Apollo 11 emblem lands at $10.6k

RR Auction's sale of signatures concluded recently, confirming the profit made on the Einstein letter and boasting the impressive sale of a Walt Disney signature for $13,987.

However, for space memorabilia collectors there was one piece which stood out a mile: an Apollo 11 emblem signed by all three of the original crew: Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin and even Neil Armstrong.

Armstrong hasn't signed in decades making material autographed by him very valuable - and a very solid investment.

Apollo 11 Neil Armstrong Buzz Aldrin Michael Collins Charles Duke
Apollo 11 emblem signed by Armstrong, Aldrin, Collins and Duke
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The signatures of the two Apollo 11 moonwalkers, along with their Command Pilot Michael Collins were joined by that of Charles Duke. Duke had the crucial behind the scenes role of capcom (Capsule Communicator - the only person who communicates directly with a manned space crew).

Duke is more famous for his own later moonwalk as a part of Apollo 16.

The emblem eventually sold for $10,600. Space and autograph collectors disappointed to have missed out will want to know that pictures signed by each of the Apollo 11 crew, not to mention a photo signed by moonwalkers from all Apollo missions are currently available.



Image: RR Auction 

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