Apollo guidance computer makes $94,000

A rare Apollo guidance computer made $93,750 in a sale of space memorabilia at Heritage Auctions.

Such devices were installed in the command module and the lunar lander. It gave the astronauts direct control of each craft.

Apollo guidance computer

The computer was the first to use microchips 

This was the first computer to use microchips.

Incredibly, it had less processing power than your average pocket calculator.

That said, the software proved invaluable – particularly on the Apollo 11 mission, when it enabled Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to correct a dangerous descent to the lunar surface.

This example is unflown, but still proved irresistible to collectors.

An Apollo 11 quarantine cover achieved $32,500 at the May 19 auction.

These postcards were designed as an insurance policy for astronauts, who were the most uninsurable people on the planet. 

Apollo 11 cover

The cover is signed by all three Apollo 11 astronauts 

Should the worst happen, these signed and dated covers would be released for sale. The proceeds would go to their families.

A small number (around 214) where also carried on the Apollo 11 mission and were quarantined along with the three astronauts (hence the name).

It’s stamped "Delayed In Quarantine At/ Lunar Receiving Laboratory/ M.S.C. - Houston, Texas".

An August 11, 1969 cancellation stamp commemorates the date the crew were released.

Do you remember watching the Apollo 11 landing? We have this extraordinary piece of Neil Armstrong memorabilia for sale.

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