Apollo flown lunar Bible offered at Heritage

A lunar Bible carried aboard the Apollo 13 and 14 missions is estimated to make $60,000-90,000 at Heritage Auctions' sale of space memorabilia in Dallas on May 14.

The microform version of the book is compressed onto one 1.5" square and is one of only 12 certified complete examples known.

Lunar Bible Apollo 14
Microform Bibles were flown aboard the Apollo 12, 13 and 14 missions

This specimen was flown aboard the near disastrous Apollo 13 mission and later on Apollo 14, where it was carried onto the Moon's surface.

The plan to take the Bibles into space was formulated by astronaut John Stout, chair of the Apollo Prayer League.

This example is housed in a 22 karat gold case, beset with gemstones. It is offered along with a certificate of authenticity from Stout and astronaut Edgar D Mitchell, who took it to the Moon's surface.

In November last year a complete set of three Bibles flown aboard the Apollo 12, 13 and 14 missions made $108,500 in an online sale at RR Auction.

An Apollo 12 lunar module PLSS strap, flown and surface used, is valued at $60,000-75,000.

The lot is from the collection of Alan Bean, who piloted the module during the mission, and is inscribed: "My Left PLSS Shoulder Strap that I wore on the Lunar Surface during my 2 moonwalks (EVAs) on Apollo 12 November 1969 Alan Bean Apollo 12 LMP".

The PLSS (Primary Life Support System) was worn to provide oxygen, communications relay and a variety of other essential functions while outside the spacecraft.

Our range of space memorabilia includes this Apollo 11 photograph signed by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

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