Apollo 17 checklist, signed and sprinkled with moondust, is up for sale

Apollo 17 was the last Apollo mission to land on the moon, and Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt were the last two men to walk on the lunar surface.

(There is a question over which of them was the 'last' to walk on the moon. Schmitt left the module to place their feet on the moon after the other, whilst Cernan climbed back in after Schmitt.)

Recently an excellent item has gone up for sale online: a Lunar Surface Checklist Page used during the Apollo 17 mission to the valley at Taurus-Littrow.

It is actually stained with lunar dust - and, if there were any doubt, Gene Cernan has confirmed this in handwriting on the checklist. It is accompanied by a photograph of Cernan signing the page.

The checklist also comes with a certificate of authenticity in which Cernan points out: "The EVA 1 POST page includes short terse reminders of our training on post EVA procedures that included cabin repressurization, radio communications settings, an oxygen recharge of the PLSS and removal gloves and other A7L-B EVA suit equipment."

It was a part of Cernan's personal collection for 37 years, and is currently available on the market for $8,500, for the first time in decades.

Collectors interested in classic Apollo signed memorabilia may also wish to check out this list of items which are on offer now.


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