Apollo 16 moonwalker Charlie Duke's memorabilia will 'fuel an important mission'

Space collectors always view sales by the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation with enthusiasm, as they combine the opportunity to gain some top-notch memorabilia and simultaneously contribute to space exploration.

Many of the lots on offer are of course 'astronaut experiences' rather than collectibles. Some of these are undeniably impressive, such as a SCUBA dive with Apollo 11 moonwalker Buzz Aldrin.

It's the tangible items which interest us most though and some of the best of them have already received their opening bid of $1,000, despite the auction only opening a short while ago.

One great example is a space-flown Apollo 16 Descent Electrical DC Power Schematic Page

This comes from the personal collection of Apollo 16 moonwalker Charlie Duke, this Lunar Module (LM) Descent Electrical DC Power schematic page is part of the LM Data Book which he carried to the lunar surface aboard Orion in April 1972.

Duke has inscribed and signed the schematic page, "Flown to the lunar surface aboard the Apollo 16 Lunar Module 'Orion,' April 20-23, 1972. Charlie Duke, Apollo 16 LMP."

Labelled "2DES," the page measures 10.5" x 37" and is accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity prepared by Duke on his personal stationary.

The certificate indicates that the crew would use the schematic in the event of an emergency and to troubleshoot system problems while in flight or on the surface at the Descartes Highlands of the Moon.

This schematic, from Duke's lunar artefact collection, bears silent witness to mankind's first journey to and exploration of the magnificent lunar highlands.

“Proceeds from the auction fuel an important mission: supporting the bright, young minds who will lead America into new frontiers of science and technology by giving them the means to succeed,” said Charlie Duke, who is also the ASF's Chairman.

“My fellow astronauts and I are committed to helping the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation in this pursuit, offering our personal mementos, autographs and time to raise vital funds for scholarships.”

Bidding in the ASF's auction closes on September 3 at 10pm EDT.


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