Apollo 15 Moon watch sets new record for astronaut memorabilia

An Apollo 15 Moon-worn watch has set a new auction record for astronaut memorabilia.

It sold for $1.6m at RR Auction on October 22, soaring past an opening bid of $50,000. That is also a new record for US space memorabilia.

Apollo 15 watch
Astronaut Dave Scott carried the watch as a backup 

Astronaut Dave Scott wore the Bulova Chronograph during his third EVA (Extra-vehicular activity) on the surface of the Moon.

It was his backup, worn after his main Omega Chronometer broke.

Scott explained in documentation why he brought the unofficial reserve watch with him: "Under certain anticipated operational conditions, the only method of monitoring these vital systems was with a wrist chronograph.

"I only had the NASA-provided Omega Speedmaster, which was a single point failure under these conditions.

"As a matter of prudence, I then decided that I would also carry the Bulova as a backup."

The Apollo 15 mission was the fourth time astronauts landed on the Moon. It was hugely successful, with the team spending over two days on the lunar surface.

The previous astronaut and US space records stood at $1.3m for a cuff checklist worn by Apollo 12 astronaut Charles Conrad. It was set at a private sale in 2001.

A Russian Vostok 3KA-2 capsule remains the space memorabilia world record holder, achieving $2.9m in a 2011 sale.

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