Apollo 15 Lunar Rover map stands at $12,000

A map that astronaut Dave Scott used to navigate the Lunar Rover during the Apollo 15 mission is selling at RR Auction.

It shows the first two EVAs the crew undertook from the landing site and features Scott's own notations identifying various geological and topographic features.

Scott has marked the map with notes on the geography of the Lunar surface

The crew of Apollo 15 spent close to three days on the Moon's surface, the longest time to date.

It was the first mission to use the Lunar Rover, which allowed the astronauts to range much further than before.

Scott writes in a letter of provenance: "This map was used for landmark recognition during navigation from the Lunar Module to the stations of exploration on each EVA and in emergency return to the LM in the event the Lunar Rover was unable to return for any reason…

"The Map contains traces of lunar dust and was exposed to the temperature extremes, radiation, and Solar Wind on the surface of the Moon."

The lot is expected to sell for around $30,000.

Bidding stands at $11,794 ahead of the December 7 close date.

Last year a watch Scott wore during the Apollo 15 mission sold for a world record $1.6m at RR Auction.

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