Apollo 15 cuff checklist brings 21% increase in space auction

A complete cuff checklist worn by Apollo 15 commander Dave Scott as he walked on the Moon has sold as the top lot in an online auction that closed yesterday (November 29).

Apollo 15 Cuff Checklist Dave Scott
EVA items are hugely desirable, especially those employed on the Moon

The lunar dust-covered checklist topped the sale of some of the most important space memorabilia available to private collectors, realising an impressive $303,710. Initially valued at $250,000, it brought a 21.4% increase.

It was described by the auction house as among "the rarest and most desirable of all flown memorabilia".

The Apollo 15 mission saw the fourth ever Moon landings, with the checklist spending over six hours and 33 minutes on the Moon's surface, strapped to Scott's cuff.

Apollo 15 cuff checklist Dave Scott
Individual pages of the checklist could seen tens of thousands at auction

The checklist provided invaluable guidance to the Moon walkers, who were at the time exploring the Marsh of Decay. It includes 20 double-sided pages of complex instructions on the scientific research and technical aspects of the mission, with an arm brace and Velcro wristband to hold it in place.

The piece's value was further enhanced by the addition of Scott's signature on its inside cover. Such is the rarity of extra vehicular activity (EVA) artefacts that individual pages from the checklist would sell for tens of thousands of dollars should they be offered for sale, making this item of the utmost desirability for collectors.

Strekalov Omega Wristwatch and Glove auction
The Omega watch was delivered to the Mir Space Station on Soyuz TM-21

Bringing the auction's second highest bids was an Omega Speedmaster wristwatch and glove that were worn by Gennadi Strekalov on five of his EVA spacewalks between May and June 1995. Accompanied by two handwritten letters from Strekalov, the lot sold for $58,364.

Paul Fraser Collectibles has items of space memorabilia for sale that rival even the most important collections. The star of our collection is a Buzz Aldrin signed spacesuit that was worn in preparation for the historic Apollo 11 mission.

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