Apollo 13 lunar Bible to headline at Heritage

An Apollo 13 & 14 flown Bible is set to provide the headline lot of a space memorabilia sale at Heritage Auctions in Dallas on May 22.

The rare lot is one of 300 Bibles carried aboard both missions, of which around 100 remain. The entire text is printed on microfilm and housed in a 22 karat gold case. It's valued at $75,000-100,000.

Apollo bible Heritage
The Bible can be read through a microscope

A letter of provenance from astronaut Edward D Mitchell and James W Stout of the Apollo Prayer League states: "After the flight, a portion of the Apollo 14 lunar-surface Bibles were cut-up into tiny 50-page text fragments, and presented to dignitaries.

"Fewer than 100 complete lunar-surface Bibles thus remain in existence today. This Intact Copy is one of only 12 Complete Lunar-Surface Bibles I have ever flight-certified to date!

"As a complete printed text, it is also among the first 12 astronaut flight-certified books ever carried by mankind to the surface of another world! This Holy Bible also remains one of the few objects on Earth ever flown twice to the Moon!"

Last year another lunar Bible from the two missions sold for $75,000 at Heritage.

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