Apollo 13 flown checklist offered at Heritage Auctions

A checklist flown aboard Apollo 13 is expected to sell for in excess of $18,750.

The remarkable lot will star in a sale of space memorabilia at Heritage Auctions on November 11.

The Apollo 13 checklist is signed by all three members of the crew

All three members of the crew signed the Command/Service Module Launch Checklist on their arrival back to the Earth.

The Apollo 13 mission was crippled three days after launch when an oxygen tank exploded, damaging the service module.

Power and oxygen levels dropped, leaving the crew in a tense predicament.

Thanks to the ingenuity of the astronauts and their team on the ground, they managed to enter the lunar module and use it as a life raft to return to Earth.

The lot is accompanied by a letter of provenance from lunar module pilot Fred Haise, who writes: "The Mission stands out an epic example of training and teamwork overcoming a great challenge.

"Many individuals from NASA and our contractor team worked around the clock to ensure our safe return…

"This checklist was awarded to [its preparer] Dennis Bentley after the flight in recognition of his many hours spent as the Manager of this document that helped us get off to a good start on the Mission."

A rare flown Apollo 11 insurance cover is another highlight of the sale.

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