Apollo 12 flown scissors make $100,000 at Heritage Auctions

A set of scissors flown on the Apollo 12 mission made $100,000 at Heritage Auctions' sale of space memorabilia in Dallas on May 14.

The lot features the original lanyard and snap, and is described as being "in good working order, sharp with good spring tension."

Apollo 12 scissors
The scissors were carried on the Lunar surface

They were sold alongside a signed letter of authenticity from astronaut Alan Bean that states they "traveled (sic) with me to the moon aboard our Command Module, 'Yankee Clipper', descended to the moon aboard our Lunar Module 'Intrepid,' and I carried them in my suit as I moved about on the lunar surface during my two moonwalks."

We have a pair of scissors used to cut Neil Armstrong's hair for sale.

A strap that Bean used to carry his PLSS (Primary Life Support System) made an equally impressive $93,750 - an increase of 25% on its $75,000 estimate.

It is inscribed: "My Left PLSS Shoulder Strap that I wore on the Lunar Surface during my 2 moonwalks (EVAs) on Apollo 12 November 1969 Alan Bean Apollo 12 LMP".

Alan strap Apollo
The strap was used to carry Bean's Primary Life Support System (PLSS)

A lunar bible housed in a 22 karat gold reliquary that was flown on the Apollo 13 and 14 missions achieved $75,000.

Michael Riley, senior historian at Heritage Auctions, commented prior to the sale: "Just 100 complete copies of the Lunar Bible landed on the Moon during Apollo 14 in the Personal Preference Kit, or PPK, of Moonwalker Edgar D. Mitchell".  

"A similar attempt was made to land these Bibles on the moon aboard Apollo 13. As we all know, that mission never made it to the surface.

"This Bible thus flew to the Moon twice, circling it once on Apollo 13 and accomplishing its purpose by landing on the Moon during Apollo 14."

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