Apollo 11 construction log reaches $22,000 in space memorabilia sale

An Apollo 11 Grumman construction log for lunar module Eagle was among the highlights of Heritage Auctions' November 12 Space Exploration sale in Dallas, achieving $22,000.

The lot covers the period from June 21 to October 18, 1968 and includes a wealth of technical insights into the module's design and test phases.

Grumman Apollo lander
Aerospace company Grumman developed the Apollo 11 lunar module for NASA

It's authored by the various engineers on the project, each of whom sign their names at the top of their entries, and was sold in original condition - smudges and all.

Included alongside the lot is a copy of the LM-5 Phase III Reliability Report from November 20, 1968, which reads: "Reportable failures have gone down from (205 for) LM-3, to (74 for) LM-4, 57 (for) LM-5... Significantly improved vehicle... Low [says] this is very likely to be the LM to land on the moon - it should be."

A baseball signed by 29 astronauts, including the first American in space and the first American in orbit, made $11,875.

Heritage commented prior to the sale: "This is an absolutely astounding piece of space and sports memorabilia, not to mention American history,that is sure to strongly appeal to collectors in many fields.

"What an opportunity! It is almost inconceivable that another ball such as this will ever be offered at auction."

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