Alan Shepard's Gemini spacesuit floats to $187,200

Regency Superior auctions in Beverley Hills, California recently held a combined sale of stamps, sports and space memorabilia sale of 2139 lots.

There was no doubt about the top lot in the auction: a silver coloured Gemini space suit complete with helmet, gloves and boots.

The suit, which was not flown, actually has a confusion in its labelling as it includes both an orange label for Shell/ B.F. Goodrich Co./Contract NAS 9-252/Style G-2G/Serial No. 13/Size: Shepard and a label glued onto it marked J H Glenn.

Alan Shepard Gemini Spacesuit
Alan Shepard's Gemini Spacesuit
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John Glenn was the first American to orbit the Earth, but was not part of the Gemini program. The suit was made for the specifications of Alan Shepard, who would later be the fifth moonwalker - and first moongolfer - as part of the Apollo 14 mission.

Regardless, the suit proved hugely exciting to bidders as one of the most complete NASA suits available. Estimated at a substantial $100,000-150,000 it was pushed higher by bidders and finally left with a happy bidder for a grand total of $187,200.

Collectors interested in rare space memorabilia may wish to take a look at these items, which are currently available.


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