$65k Apollo gadget stars at space auction

The Signature Space Exploration Auction at Heritage Auction Galleries' Dallas HQ featured a stunning array of space collectibles to rival Bonham's headline-grabbing July sale.

The highest-grossing lot was the personal Rolex watch worn by Apollo 17 astronaut Ron Evans, which sold for an incredible $131,450.

The watch was on the lunar surface for 72 hours during what became last ever manned Moon expedition, to-date.

In second place was Apollo 16's Lunar Module Flown Crewman Optical Alignment Sight (COAS), from the personal collection of mission commander John Young.

The COAS was a high-tech, long-range imaging device used to provide the commander with cues during space docking manoeuvres. It sold for an incredible $65,725.

A signed flown crew log book from Apollo 8 was consigned by module pilot James Lovell, used throughout the 21-27 December, 1968 mission.

The book contains fascinating details of man's first journey to the Moon, with handwritten notes, readings, calculations, and drawings made by Lovell. It sold for an impressive $56,762.50.

A wonderful piece of retro technology, the display and nineteen-button keyboard used to access the Apollo Guidance Computer, sold for $50,787.50.

The unit was mounted into the control panel of each lunar module, with two in each command module, giving the astronauts access to the groundbreaking Guidance system.

One of the most impressive lots included a full spacesuit - not even the Space Sale at Bonham's in July had one of those.

Russian Soyuz spacesuit
A Russian Soyuz flown spacesuit ($31,070)

The Russian Soyuz Flown Sokol KV-2 Pressurized Spacesuit has been used since 1980, and derivative versions are still used today during launch and descent. It brought $31,070.

Click here to find out how you can own the personal NASA flight suit worn by Michael Collins after his recovery from the Apollo 11 mission.

Smaller memorabilia items also fetched impressive sums at Heritage. 

A flown silver medallion owned by Apollo 8's James Lovell and another medallion from Apollo 16 each sold for $16,730.

Last but not least came an incredible piece of signed Moon memorabilia.

A signed 12" x 10" colour photo of a lunar module over the moon's surface, signed by no-less than 28 astronauts - including 10 of the 12 men who walked on the Moon.

Among them were Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. It sold for $15,530.

In other news, Bonham's have announced that they are holding another Space auction, after the success of their July sale.

But, for those of you who can't wait, Paul Fraser Collectibles has another rare and sought-after signature by NASA legend Walter Schirra.

His signature is featured with the rest of the Mercury 7 crew - the very first US astronauts, John H Glenn, Virgil I Grissom, M Scott Carpenter, Donald K Slayton and Leroy S Cooper.

We also have three pieces of Apollo 11 memorabilia.

A signed photo of Apollo 11's Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins and separate individual photos signed by each of them can be yours to own.


For further information please contact Adrian Roose at adrianroose@paulfrasercollectibles.com or telephone +44 (0) 117 933 9503

Photos: Heritage Auction Galleries

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