Queen Victoria gifted bracelet brings $17,500

A gold, diamond and pearl bracelet commissioned by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert for their daughter's wedding sold at Martel Maides Auctions in Guernsey on May 14 for £11,500 ($17,454).

The bracelet is engraved: "To dear Alice from her loving parents Albert and Victoria R who though visibly parted are ever united, April 25 1863".

Princess Alice died on the 17th anniversary
of her father’s death - there is no record
of how the bracelet left the royal family

The inscription "visibly parted" was initially intended as a reference to Alice's departure overseas, yet gained additional poignancy after her father's passing.

The wedding of Princess Alice and Prince Louis of Hesse on July 1, 1862 was a remarkably sombre affair. Prince Albert having died a mere six months previously, the guests arrived in mourning attire.

The bracelet sold to an anonymous bidder and will remain in a private collection.

In August 2012, a comparable granite bracelet gifted by Queen Victoria in celebration of her daughter Louise's wedding sold at Bonhams for £3,500 ($5,314).

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