Princess Diana's record collection returns to William and Harry

A number of long-lost albums from Princess Diana's record collection have been returned to her sons, Princes William and Harry, with the assistance of our sister company, PFC Auctions.

Consigned to PFC Auctions last year, the collection of 19 albums, all signed by Diana during her teenage years, was bought by the UK's Mail on Sunday newspaper.

Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan, a favourite of the princess?

The publication has since donated the records to William and Harry.

A spokesman for the princes, as quoted by the publication, stated: "They are very grateful to The Mail on Sunday for retrieving the records and returning them.

"They were a cherished part of their late mother's possessions, music being a critical part of her enjoyment of life.'

Bought at a Cheshire, UK charity sale in 2004 for the princely sum of £6 from an unknown female seller, it was only last year that the consignor thought about auctioning the items.

An eclectic mix, the albums included Bob Dylan, the Eagles and classical works, each signed by the future princess in an attempt to prevent her friends from absconding with them at the West Heath boarding school.

Friend Lucy Coats remembered to the Mail: "She had a lot of albums and she used to sign them all 'Diana' so they wouldn't be pinched. We had to label everything at West Heath."

The story is a reminder to collectors that many extraordinary items that appear at auction only do so the once, as they are often donated back to the original owner's family, or more usually, museums, never to be available to purchase again.

This fact makes our current selection of collectibles for sale, including these Princess Diana items, all the more remarkable.

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