Princess Diana’s card case achieves $21,000

A monogrammed sterling silver card case belonging to Princess Diana led a highly publicised sale of her memorabilia at RR Auction.  

The piece realised $20,974, a huge advance on its opening bid of $6,000.  

Diana card case

Diana donated this card case to a charity auction in 1997

Diana was gifted the card holder by her grandmother, although the date she received it is not known. She consigned it along with 20 other personal effects to a charity auctionin June 1997. 

The accompanying, signed letter states: “The personal quality of some of these items will hopefully show just how important the work of this humanitarian charity is to me”.

A French vocabulary exercise book dating to 1978, when Diana was just 17, achieved $15,204.

It’s consigned from the collection of Sally Fell - head chef at Althorp House in Northamptonshire (Diana’s family home) during the 1980s.

Fell explains that the house was undergoing redecoration and "as Diana now permanently resided in London, one of the rooms listed for redecoration was her old bedroom and the butler at the time, Carl Ackerman, was instructed to remove all of Diana's belongings and offer them to the staff, or dispose of them if no interest was shown.

“All the items were placed on a long table in the courtyard, and we the staff were invited to take what we wished, which is how I came to possess Diana's French vocabulary school book."

These huge results demonstrate the enormous demand for memorabilia associated with the Princess.

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