Princess Diana personal letters to beat $125,000?

A huge archive of personal letters written by Princess Diana (1961-1997) will headline a dedicated sale at RR Auction.

The lot is offered with an opening bid of $125,000.

Princess Diana RR

Princess Diana wrote these letters to a close friend between 1978 and 1997

The letters span the years 1978 to 1997; covering her marriage to Prince Charles and subsequent divorce.

All are addressed to her close friend Carolyn Pride Bartholomew and include remarkable insights into her state of mind.

Some eight of the 28 letters were written during the honeymoon period following the wedding.

She writes from Balmoral Castle in 1980: “It’s incredible to think that we have been married a week! We have now caught up on sleep and I feel as if married life was just a slot to be filled."

A year later the reality of life in the gilded cage sets in: “The last couple of weeks have been difficult to say the least.

"I feel so claustrophobic with my life—all I long to do is to be able to walk about on my own, without a policeman & get around is some sort of disguise & lead a ‘normal life’.

“We both know this is impossible & it was always going to be that way.”

This is the first time that these letters have been shown and the first time they have been offered for sale.

The auction runs from August 18-24. 

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