History's scarcest Christmas card?

I’m looking at a Christmas card on my desk.

It is one of the scarcest Christmas cards in existence. 

It features the photo of a nice-looking British family. On holiday in Scotland. Wearing the local dress.

You have a caring father. A fun-loving mother. And two grown up daughters who look eager to experience life.

I know this family well.

And so do you.

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A royal time capsule. A King and a future Queen.They are the Windsors.

It is Christmas 1950.

And this is one of only 7 examples of this Christmas card known to exist.

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Incredibly rare

The photo alone is a moving time-capsule of British royal history.

It features:

  • King George VI - the man never meant to be king. Yet who took on the role with such courage to lead the country through WW2.
  • The Queen Mother - who devoted her long life to supporting her husband then her daughters. Beloved by her people.
  • Princess Margaret (aged 20 here) who brought glamour and romance to Buckingham Palace...

And Princess Elizabeth (aged 24).

Just two years away from becoming Queen Elizabeth II.

The mother to young Prince Charles and Princess Anne (born just this year).

And the young wife to a dashing Greek naval officer, Philip Mountbatten.

When this photo is taken, Princess Elizabeth is on the cusp of beginning her astonishing 70-year reign.

In a reign that will witness such change. She will be a constant link to the past.

Think of all that lies ahead of Princess Elizabeth as she poses with her family on this sunny day in the Highlands of Scotland.

Yet look also at the signatures that sit opposite the image.

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Signed and dated handsomely by George VI. Signed elegantly too by the Queen Mother.

Signed and dated by the king: George VI. Handsomely. Crisply.

Signed too by his wife, Queen Elizabeth - the Queen Mother. What an elegant signature it is.

With the embossed, gilded Royal cipher on the front.

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The gilded and embossed Royal crown on the front of the card adds prestige

7 x 6 inches folded. A nice size for framing.

The Christmas card comes with superb provenance.

It was given to a valued employee at Buckingham Palace and passed down through his family for more than 70 years.

Made by the prestigious London card manufacturer Raphael Tuck & Sons. It features their emblem on the reverse.

I have also personally authenticated this card. It is genuine.

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The reverse of the card details its prestigious manufacturer: Raphael Tuck & Sons

Incredible value for money

I have witnessed prices for Queen Elizabeth II signed Christmas cards double since her death in September. They’re now nudging £5,000.

With many collectors now priced out of owning a Queen Elizabeth II card, they are turning to more affordable options. That's pushing up prices across the royal autograph market.

This Christmas card is just £2,995.

That is an extraordinarily low price.

Especially when you consider that George VI signatures are rarer than those sent by Elizabeth II.

And that this card features the photo of a young Princess Elizabeth.

A year from now, I would likely be asking for significantly more.

 Buy now

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  • And 28-day no quibble returns if you don’t love it


Only six other examples of this Christmas card are known to exist today.

Don't miss this opportunity.

Thanks for reading,

Paul Fraser

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