Where are you going to store your valuable collection of stamps?

Luxury philatelic album manufacturer, Frank Godden Ltd and stamp dealer, Stanley Gibbons have agreed a corporate buy out that will see Frank Godden returning home after an absence of 95 years.

Originally an employee of Stanley Gibbons, Frank Godden set out in 1915 to build a philatelic empire of his own, initially residing above Woolworths on the Strand in London.

In the 1980's the company repositioned itself as a luxury philatelic album and exhibition materials manufacturer and has been providing some of the finest philatelic materials available on the market, to collectors and competitive philatelists ever since.

To celebrate the homecoming, Stanley Gibbons will be relaunching two albums from the Frank Godden range; the De Luxe Exhibition and the Warwick:

Made from the finest materials available, such as Morocco grain padded leather and silk linings, the award winning De Luxe handcrafted albums are some of the finest available and are designed to last a lifetime.

Frank Godden albums are suitable for long term storage and are made to the standard recommended by all museums.

A Stanley Gibbons spokesman said:

'Stanley Gibbons are very proud to welcome Frank Godden back to the fold. 

'The Frank Godden range of albums will be a fantastic addition to Stanley Gibbons stock and I am sure collectors the world over will be incredibly pleased to see the De Luxe album back on the market.'

With the prices of rare stamps increasing year on year, and even the Times of London reporting that Collectibles Investments are booming, the De Luxe album is a safe place to store your valuable collection.

For more information on these quality albums please email adrianroose@paulfrasercollectibles.com or telephone +44 (0) 117 933 9503


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