Want a NISA way to invest?

For the first time in a long while, savers have received good news.

The UK Government has just introduced its new ISA rules, which dictate savers can now put up to £15,000 in a cash savings account.

And as an added bonus, some of that money can be placed into stocks and shares, with the option to freely switch to cash at any point.

Yet, despite the apparently generous new rules as well as the more attractive title (NISA), banks and building societies have not responded - returns remain at the lowest point in years and further cuts are expected.

At best, the average account offers around 3% easy access, with some offering less than 1%. That doesn't even beat the cost of living, with inflation in the UK at 1.5%.

So is there a better way to invest your £15,000?

Paul Fraser Collectibles recently looked at how far £15,000 invested in a savings account would have fared, compared with the same amount in collectibles.

£15,000 invested in an ordinary cash ISA over the past 10 years would now be worth just £16,583, according to Fidelity Investments - hardly worth completing the paperwork from the bank.

Penny Black block
British and Commonwealth stamps, such as this Penny Black block we have for sale, are up 13.2% a year in value on average since 2002

That same amount invested in the FTSE would have yielded more encouraging returns, bringing a final sum of £35,218 over the decade.

Yet £15,000 invested in rare Great Britain stamps for 10 years would have increased to £51,840, according to the GB250 Index.

In fact, the Index, which tracks the performance of the top 250 rare stamps from Great Britain, has continually outperformed the FTSE100 since 2007, remaining strong in the face of global economic adversity with a CAGR of 13.2% since its inception in 2002.

Capital Gains Tax

Yes, one of the main attractions of an ISA is the exemption from Capital Gains Tax, a charge that many collectibles are unfortunately subject to - but only if a profit of more that £11,000 is made in one year.

You wouldn't mind sending a little the taxman's way if you made £11,000 on a £15,000 investment, would you?

Check out our fantastic selection of rare stamps for sale, including some of the finest and rarest from Great Britain and the Commonwealth.

Or give us a call on +44 0117 933 9500 or info@paulfrasercollectibles.com

We're on hand to talk you through any questions you might have and set you on the right track to making an ISA-beating investment.

And if stamps are not your thing, we have many other areas you can invest in.

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