Unused 1840 2d blue to sell at $30,000 among Great Britain stamps?

On October 17, a Canadian stamp auction is offering collectors the chance to bid on a rare, unused example of the 1840 2d blue.

1840 2d blue unused
Will the stamp make $30,000?

The 2d blue was the world's second official postage stamp, released just days after the famed Penny Black. Originally intended to be issued at the same time as the 1d stamp, the 2d blue allowed a letter weighing as much as an ounce to be posted.

The example at auction is an unused version in fine condition, which is scarcely seen at auction. Boasting three large margins, with a deep, rich colour and a clear impression, it is expected to sell for $30,000.

However, the stamp has been re-gummed over wrinkles and creases, and one margin is cut, touching the frameline at the right. The estimate given seems to be a little ambitious, considering that a similar example sold for $14,105 in a US auction earlier this month,   

Other examples of the 2d blue in the sale are all used and range in price from $225 to $925, highlighting the rarity of the unused version. Despite the Penny Black's name being more famous, a 2d blue in good condition is actually far rarer than its 1d counterpart.

A mint state Penny Black with clear margins all around and a large part of its original gum will also feature in the sale, with an estimate of $11,000. Further used examples range from $100 to $1,000.

Paul Fraser Collectibles specialises in sourcing the finest Great Britain stamps. We are currently offering a stunning example of the VR official, which stands as one of the rarest of all the officials.

Will the unused 2d blue meet its $30,000 estimate?
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