'Unique' never-hinged 1847 stamp could deliver $20,000 in Kelleher auction

In conjunction with the National Postage Stamp Show, the Kelleher Firm will begin their four days of auctions with the fabulous "Amberley & Flintshire" collections.

These feature classic Great Britain and Colonial issues rarities, along with select offerings and collections from worldwide nations.

The Great Britain & Commonwealth section features nearly 1050 lots, including exceptional Great Britain proper from the line engraved issues through the issues of KGV.

The extraordinary colonial issues include many great rarities, a sampling showing a splendid mint example of the rare, Western Australia 2p mauve error of colour and an attractive unused copy of the elusive, Bermuda 3d on 1d hand stamp provisional.

Australia £2 stamp
Australian 1913 Kangaroo, £2 black & rose stamp
estimated at $5750

In particular, there are marvellous offerings from British Central Africa, replete with multiple £10 & £10 Arms of the Protectorate issues, and highlighted by the 1898 "Internal Postage" ld issue in a pair, left stamp centre omitted variety, along with a centre inverted example of same.

Rounding out BCA are the 2d & 4d unissued KEVII issues, of which in each case only 18 copies are extant.

Cape of Good Hope offers numerous high quality triangle multiples, along with many of the rarest mafekings. Ceylon includes a wonderful array of high value KGV rupee values, while the Falklands is highlighted by the unique 1933 Centenary issue FDCs, along with a choice example of the always popular "H.M.S. Glasgow" error.

Other countries of considerable interest include Gibraltar, India, British East Africa, the Malay States, New Zealand, Northern Nigeria, highlighted by the unique 1904 KEVII £25 "Specimen" handstamp, St. Christopher, Straits Settlements & South Africa, Switzerland highlights the foreign sections, and dozens of collection lots appeal to the collector dealer alike.

Part II offers the Beane Family Collection of postage stamps & revenues. An extraordinary offering of over 1500 lots including the unique mint never-hinged example of the 1847 5c brown-orange shade, Scott #1d, with current 2010 P.F. Certificate.

Never hinged brown orange 1847 5c Stamp
Never-hinged brown-orange 1847 5c stamp

In addition, there are 50 lots of US first issues, outstanding 1851 issues, highlighted by a splendid mint example of the 5c red brown (Scott #12) while the 1857's include many select quality examples along with a fine array of multiples, 1875 reprints are present, as well as delightful sections of banknotes, bureau issues, early commemoratives and Washington-Franklin issues.

An undisputed highlight of the Beane Family stamp section is the extraordinary collection of revenues, which represents one of the finest holdings to reach the market in recent times. Within this section the collector will find many rare to unique multiples, inverted centres, etc.

Part III features the magnificent, multigenerational collection formed by the Beane Family. Included in this remarkable & diverse holding are a fine range of autographs and free franks and continuing on to an extraordinary holding of "District of Maine" stampless covers.

Following that, is the finest collection ever assembled of Massachusetts postal history, which begins with rare straight lines, unique handstamp markings, and a specialised section of Boston markings from the colonial period onwards.

Other noteworthy sections include a unique showing of the Leominster, Massachusetts's Instructional labels, superb advertising covers, wonderful, by-issue offerings, plus a fine array of Hawaii Missionary letters from the Levi Chamberlain correspondence.

Many items have been off the market for over 60 years, and this sale will prove fascinating to any postal history enthusiast. The auctions take place in Connecticut and online from October 21-24, 2010.


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